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CMP's NECEC Corridor is a terrible idea. It will destroy pristine wilderness to create a profit-machine for multinational corporations. The people of Maine need to let our public officials know that we do not want this corridor in our state.

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We the people of Maine value our natural resources and our way of life. Central Maine Power and their foreign parent company have proposed a massive destructive pathway through our woods in order to bring high-voltage transmission lines to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power has shown itself as untrustworthy and not up to the task of such a large and potentially damaging project, and we hereby call on CMP, the state of Massachusetts, and Maine's regulators and elected officials to put an end to this project immediately.

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David Hotelling
Esther Gaudette
Mary Ginder
Lukas Gessler
Cynthia Conner
Janet Brozek
Kim Smith
David Covenant
Patricia Stasinowsky
Arthur M. Conner
Karen Brozek
Nancy Joslyn
Melissa St pierre
Scott Cole
Carolyn Mauger
Dennis Graninger
Joseph Lemay
Brady Kaelin
elizabeth farmer
Debra Cote
Olivia Harper
Lucia&Peter Swallow
Jessica Wenzel
Jane Boyle
Pamela Lindemann
sarah pallotta
Charles Pennington
Micheline Cleary
Nancy Pennington
Jason Clark
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  • David Hotelling
    Stop the CMP corridor
  • Esther Gaudette
  • Mary Ginder
  • Lukas Gessler
  • Cynthia Conner
  • Janet Brozek
  • Kim Smith
    Please don’t destroy our Maine lands to benefit Massachusetts. It’s a terrible arrangement for Maine.
  • David Covenant
  • Patricia Stasinowsky
  • Arthur M. Conner
    Arthur M. Conner
  • Karen Brozek
    I do not approve this massively, destructive pathway through our pristine natural resources to benefit another (Massachusetts) state. Ridiculous to even consider it. The damage that would be done to our state regarding birds, fish and deer, to name a few, would be catastrophic. I urge the powers-that-be to STOP IMMEDIATELY.
  • Nancy Joslyn
  • Melissa St pierre
  • Scott Cole
  • Carolyn Mauger
  • Dennis Graninger
  • Joseph Lemay
    Joseph Lemay
  • Brady Kaelin
  • elizabeth farmer
  • Debra Cote
    This makes no sense.. Bad business.. I called CMP and got a representative in Texas.. They don’t even keep there employees in Maine.. I say screw them…
  • Olivia Harper
  • Lucia&Peter Swallow
    At what price, does Maine lose its wilderness,fresh water, wildlife, scenery?
  • Jessica Wenzel
  • Jane Boyle
    Jane Boyle
  • Pamela Lindemann
    This will ruin our beautiful state.
  • sarah pallotta
  • Charles Pennington
    Our elected officials need to understand the voice of the people have spoken and they are against this idiotic idea of supporting other nations and states at Mainers expense. CMP wants it let them go due south from Quebec into New Hampshire not through Maine! Those elected officials that stand for this CMP plan will not win re-election! We are sick and tired of our state government lying to the people and lining their pockets! Now all of a sudden Governor Mills is for this plan – how much did they pay you for this Governor! Your own town voted against this plan and you still want to destroy our woods! Shame on you! This will make you a ONE TERM GOVERNOR for sure if this goes through! If Massachusetts wants this line let them pay for it – WHY should Mainers support other states and pay for it when CMP is outrageous with its electric costs to us Mainers! Governor wants to go green – wants heat pumps instead of burning oil, propane, however we have two heat pumps and had to shut one off due to CMP’s high electric bills! We can’t afford CMP or JANET MILLS!!
  • Micheline Cleary
    I use one heater during the winter in my 2 bedroom apartment, and sleep in the living room where the electric saving halcyon heater is located. My bill is almost 400.00 dollars a month. Please, as a vacationland of beautiful natural sites, do not let this corridor become a reality. Lets’ get CMP investigations settled for fraud, return money to the public, and then make decisions about the already large wind turbines making electricity for Massachusetts instead of our great state of Maine. Thank you.
  • Nancy Pennington
    Any congressman/woman or senator that is in favor of this CMP farce will be voted out of office that includes our Governor who campaigned against this CMP corridor and now is for it!!! LIARS all LIARS!!!
  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark