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CMP's NECEC Corridor is a terrible idea. It will destroy pristine wilderness to create a profit-machine for multinational corporations. The people of Maine need to let our public officials know that we do not want this corridor in our state.

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We the people of Maine value our natural resources and our way of life. Central Maine Power and their foreign parent company have proposed a massive destructive pathway through our woods in order to bring high-voltage transmission lines to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power has shown itself as untrustworthy and not up to the task of such a large and potentially damaging project, and we hereby call on CMP, the state of Massachusetts, and Maine's regulators and elected officials to put an end to this project immediately.

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Barbara Taylor
Ben Buffington
Vicky Bennett
Joseph Vanadestine
Joyce Mrugala
Robert Smith
Kay Duplissie
Jacob Sanborn
Linda Mcgraw
Stephen Betters
Patricia Fox
MaineBob OConnor
Jean Emery
Ben Carosella
Michael Erickson
Ted Freeman
Rich Collette
Michael Ross
William Garver
Rose Farnum
Joan Blanchette
Zachary French
Shannon Dyer
Melissa Marshall
Natalie Breton
Crystal Rowe
Renee Hemingway
Lucy Anna Gadilauskas
Caleb Hurd
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  • Barbara Taylor
    I am most concerned with the forests, wildlife and eco system that this “corridor “ is going to drastically upset. Maine is a beautiful state and pure, this corridors not necessary.
  • Ben Buffington
    I’ve lived in Maine all my life, served my country honorably, and every time I come home I head straight to the pristine wilderness. Whether its hunting or fishing, I always spend a majority of my time enjoying the outdoors in Maine. With the building of the cmp power line, it will destroy many hundreds of miles of untouched wilderness where maines reputation comes from. This is a mistake.
  • Vicky Bennett
  • Joseph Vanadestine
  • Joyce Mrugala
    Canada owns 1.5 million acres of land in upstate Maine how can we stop them
  • Robert Smith
    We need a voice. Far as I’m concerned we have not been heard on the local media.
  • Kay Duplissie
    Listen to the people of Maine! NO!
  • Jacob Sanborn
  • Linda Mcgraw
  • Stephen Betters
    Besides signing this petition, are there any others ways we can make our voices heard? Apparently town hall/municipality meetings aren’t working and neither are voting results against. What is driving this Governor, who was against prior to election, now do a complete 360 in favor of? And why aren’t the environmentalists speaking up like they were when LePage was for it?
  • Patricia Fox
    No to the corridor
  • MaineBob OConnor
    Missing from CMP proposal is Putting the whole line UNDERGROUND like the proposed project in Vermont.
  • Jean Emery
    Clearly the selection process of these ‘authorities’ to regulatory agency PUC was flawed and the choices less-than independent.
  • Ben Carosella
  • Michael Erickson
    Stop the destruction of our sacred state by money hungry corrupt politicians and companies.
  • Ted Freeman
    Ted Freeman- Hope my signature helps. This is an environmentally bad idea. The benefit is to the money-grubbing electrical utility and the state of Massachusetts.
  • Rich Collette
    Rich Collette
  • Michael Ross
  • William Garver
    Please stop this project. So sad to hear that the scenic beauty is outweighed by this, for Mass folks. And will this lower Maine power use?
  • Rose Farnum
    They have already scarred many mountains and hill sides for wind towers. They also flooddd out the town of Flagstaff for a power genation dam. They need to go back and make power from that dam!!
  • joan f blanchette
  • Joan Blanchette
    Trees are a natural carbon sink. Destroying more forest is not an environmentally sound plan.
  • Zachary French
  • Shannon Dyer
    My mother is buried on private in Somerset county owned by my family since the 1700s.
  • Melissa Marshall
    Where was the vote on this? Maine is known for its untouched land. This is God’s country.
  • Natalie Breton
    This is clearly unfavorable to the majority of people in the state, I’ve not had ONE person tell me they want it or shouldnt care either way….
  • Crystal Rowe
  • Renee Hemingway
    Nothing about this is ok!
  • Lucy Anna Gadilauskas
    This will destroy natural beauty, small businesses, tourism, habitats, and will steal people’s livelihood, land, and their comfort.

    This is all about money, they don’t care about the environment or the effects of what they would be taking away.

    Don’t let them rape our precious land.
  • Caleb Hurd
    I have a dirty little secret about cmp that no one knows yet that completely breaks down any argument they have