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CMP's NECEC Corridor is a terrible idea. It will destroy pristine wilderness to create a profit-machine for multinational corporations. The people of Maine need to let our public officials know that we do not want this corridor in our state.

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We the people of Maine value our natural resources and our way of life. Central Maine Power and their foreign parent company have proposed a massive destructive pathway through our woods in order to bring high-voltage transmission lines to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power has shown itself as untrustworthy and not up to the task of such a large and potentially damaging project, and we hereby call on CMP, the state of Massachusetts, and Maine's regulators and elected officials to put an end to this project immediately.

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Tammy Nichols
Pam Soule
Rick Grenier
Janet Healey
Sarah Jones
Allison Everette
Katherine Cosgrove
John Wilson
Jo Eaton
Aubrie Presby
Cathy Lucas
Sandra Hilton
Isaiah Soucy
Bobbi Courtois
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Taryn Clark
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Peter Beaudry
Amy Mason
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Linda Woods
Jasmine Enman
Michael Linteau
Clarence Ayotte
Barbara Taylor
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  • Tammy Nichols
  • Pam Soule
  • Rick Grenier
  • Janet Healey
  • Sarah Jones
  • Allison Everette
  • Katherine Cosgrove
  • John Wilson
  • Jo Eaton
  • Aubrie Presby
  • Cathy Lucas
  • Sandra Hilton
  • Isaiah Soucy
  • Bobbi Courtois
  • Garnett Robinson
    CMP is now ranked the 5th worst utility in the country that has left Maine Rate Payers suffering ranked #1 for both numbers of outages and duration all the while being investigated for not delivering reliable power to a number of communities and also being sued for fraudulent billing with it’s smart meters! CMP should never be allowed to install powerlines let alone these monstrosities with poles average 100’ in height using outdated and dangerous above ground technology like the one’s that started the deadly fires in California last year! Even worse is that the NECEC proposed corridor threatens thousands of current Maine jobs in tourism and power generation (hydro dams, energy/waste recovery, grid scale solar, grid scale wind, gas and biomass) and their induced jobs such as loggers, truckers, etc. all for the benefit of Massachussets! Yes permanent destruction of the last untouched vestiges of the Boundary Mountain Viewsheds, waterbodies and Kennebec River will kill tourism in Western Maine while promised reductions of wholesale power rates will kill jobs in energy generation, and lower property tax valuations in their host communities and will inhibit the Governors plans to have Maine powered by only renewables by 2050! And if this wasn’t bad enough the claims that Quebec Hydro will supply clean power is unfounded. This winter Quebec Hydro ratepayers were asked to cut back during peak winter cold spells so that Quebec Hydro did not have to buy power from other grids (Proof of Quebec not having the capacity to supply even it’s current customers) and it’s ratepayers were in an uproar as Quebec Hydro has purchased Ontario Gases Capacity out to 2030! Why hurt Maine and New England Power Producers for Spanish (CMP-al la-Avan Grid-al la-Iberadrola) & Canadian (Quebec Hydro) profits? It’s Un-American to want to send our jobs, hard earned cash to companies that will avoid paying their fair share of taxes. During the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) CMP overstated benefits on its permits to towns and undervalued the cost of improvements/land on Property valuation declarations filed as 100% valuation under Title 36 s 706 (True and Perfect List). The perfect example would be Dixmont where during the MPRP estimated the cost to build on their site plan permit at 24 million and at project completion declared the 100% valuation to be at only 4.26 million or 17% of the estimated value. Were these over and under estimates errors? If that were so would it have happened in town after town in towns such as Detroit, Windsor, Clinton, Winterport and etc.? Is it possible CMP would over estimate to get their permits fast tracked and under estimate values at project close to evade property taxes? Every time companies like CMP don’t pay their fair share other taxpayers pick up the slack including those least able to afford it like the elderly and poor! STOP this terrible NECEC corridor!!
  • Erik Carlson
  • Christopher Foss
    It seems that a considerable amount of people don’t want this thing to happen so you should listen to the people, maybe the people should replace the government with people who will.
  • Taryn Clark
    Our “governor” should be focusing on how to make Maine better, as this is the State she is a so-called governor of. Our economy depends alot on tourism. We have many tourists from out of state that visit our beautiful Maine woods to hunt, fish, hike our trails and so on. Not to mention our wildlife that lives in those woods and she is really going to destroy that to what.. line her own pockets. We need a real governor who loves Maine, wants to protect its land and its people, who wants to see it flourish and keep it beautiful. Go away “Governor” Mills if all you plan to do is destroy our beautiful state!!!! We will stop you!!
  • Hannah Wilcox
    I moved to Maine because of it’s natural beauty. This is destroying the natural beauty of Maine
  • Peter Beaudry
    This project is a sellout for Mass. and CMP, as you said the lines go direct to Mass. for the transmission of power, we get nothing but loss of beautiful forest, the little that they say we will get on our power bills is crumbs as Nancy Pelosi would say. Either use the existing forest cut in Vermont or put it though NH, this is the last pristine area in the Eastern USA. Stop the corridor for the next generations
  • Amy Mason
  • Cordell Brooks
  • Tayla Regalado
    This will ruin Maine . No corridor !!!!
  • Ivan Davis Davis
    Fuck the queen … always true to the American Republic
  • Gayle DiFiore
  • Linda Woods
  • Jasmine Enman
    This would take away from my backyard. Be in my direct backyard!
  • Michael Linteau
  • Clarence Ayotte
    Please stand for Maine residents and their way of life.
  • Barbara Taylor
    I am most concerned with the forests, wildlife and eco system that this “corridor “ is going to drastically upset. Maine is a beautiful state and pure, this corridors not necessary.