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CMP's NECEC Corridor is a terrible idea. It will destroy pristine wilderness to create a profit-machine for multinational corporations. The people of Maine need to let our public officials know that we do not want this corridor in our state.

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We the people of Maine value our natural resources and our way of life. Central Maine Power and their foreign parent company have proposed a massive destructive pathway through our woods in order to bring high-voltage transmission lines to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power has shown itself as untrustworthy and not up to the task of such a large and potentially damaging project, and we hereby call on CMP, the state of Massachusetts, and Maine's regulators and elected officials to put an end to this project immediately.

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Patrick Chambers
Paul Baribault
Sabine Tosch
Charles Hubbard
Alan S. Pomeroy
David Carver
Michael Oliver
Ralph Spearrin
Randi Farris
Robin Porter
richard juneau
Marcia Donald
Joseph Rohman
Frank Hammond
David Herrle
Patrick Duffy
Deke Sawyer
Kristina Salisbury
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  • Patrick Chambers
    CMP is a terrible corporation that has repeatedly taken (lots of) our money and spent it unwisely on unreliable projects. It’s time they were put in check.
  • Paul Baribault
    Paul E Baribault
  • Sabine Tosch
    Sabine Tosch
  • Charles Hubbard
  • Alan S. Pomeroy
    It’s time Massachusetts uses their own land for windmills and alternative power and leave Maine the hell alone!
  • David Carver
  • Michael Oliver
  • Ralph Spearrin
    Ralph Spearrin
  • Randi Farris
  • Robin Porter
    Robin Porter
  • richard juneau
    richard juneau
  • Marcia Donald
  • Joseph Rohman
    Who or what government agency do I contact to voice my opinion?
  • Frank Hammond
    Screw Massachusetts! They have some of the harshest gun control laws in the country. They can go to hell!
  • David Herrle
    Why should we support this project to make CMP look good after the overcharges they fail to acknowledge?
  • Patrick Duffy
    Interstate contracts only put funds into the states treasury, thus allowing the state to spend the funds where they see fit and may not find their way to the consumers of the State of Maine. Destroying Maine’s wildlife would only hurt the ecosystem and the very thing that Maine is known best for. State of Maine should only care about Maine residents.
  • Deke Sawyer
  • Kristina Salisbury
    I grew up on Moxie. This makes me sick!