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CMP's NECEC Corridor is a terrible idea. It will destroy pristine wilderness to create a profit-machine for multinational corporations. The people of Maine need to let our public officials know that we do not want this corridor in our state.

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We the people of Maine value our natural resources and our way of life. Central Maine Power and their foreign parent company have proposed a massive destructive pathway through our woods in order to bring high-voltage transmission lines to Massachusetts. Central Maine Power has shown itself as untrustworthy and not up to the task of such a large and potentially damaging project, and we hereby call on CMP, the state of Massachusetts, and Maine's regulators and elected officials to put an end to this project immediately.

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Kate Bailey
Donna Stabulis
Carissa Maurin
Nicole Limatola
Nathan Proctor
Brian Zaldumbide
Thad Millett
Justin Beth
Holly Duval
Michelle Robertson
Debra Young
Norma Nadeau
Nathan DeWitt
Josh Dow
zamora cardin
Dana Colihan
Carissa Arnold
Lori Bryant
Zach Chenier
Connor Nation
David Gibson
Steven Jacobsen
Samantha Macmaster
Steven MacMaster
Am Matthews
Chris King
William Dunham,jr
robert w thompson
Dianne Wilson
Bruce Taylor
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  • Kate Bailey
  • Donna Stabulis
  • Carissa Maurin
  • Nicole Limatola
    Protect Maine wildlife, wilderness & integrity!
  • Nathan Proctor
  • Brian Zaldumbide
  • Thad Millett
  • Justin Beth
    Justin Beth
  • Holly Duval
  • Michelle Robertson
  • Debra Young
  • Norma Nadeau
  • Nathan DeWitt
  • Josh Dow
  • zamora cardin
  • Dana Colihan
  • Carissa Arnold
    Does CMP or the PUC even care about the health risks this causes?
  • Lori Bryant
  • Zach Chenier
  • Connor Nation
  • David Gibson
    I am writing to express my disgust for the proposed CMP corridor through Maine to provide hydropower from Canada to Massachusetts. This does not benefit Maine citizens, towns, or the environment! This is a scam for CMP to make a big profit at Maine’s expense.

    New hydropower in Quebec will flood significant areas of the boreal forest, causing significant CO2 and methane emissions. This is terrible for the environment, and does NOT address climate change. Clearcutting pristine Maine forests for the transmission line is bad for the environment, and ongoing pesticide applications are even worse!

    Instead of investing nearly $1 billion in a transmission line that will create one-time jobs and then leave a blight and eyesore, these funds should be invested where it can make a real difference – energy efficiency and rooftop solar on existing homes. There are 518,200 households in Maine. Instead of this corridor, we could spend more than $1,800 on every single home for LED lightbulbs, high-efficiency showerheads, air sealing, and improving insulation! This would make a far greater impact on energy savings, environmental benefits, and helping Maine ratepayers than the corridor proposed by CMP!
  • Steven Jacobsen
  • Samantha Macmaster
  • Steven MacMaster
  • Am Matthews
    Cmp is a Crook
  • Chris King
    Fuck big corporate
  • William Dunham,jr
    Very bad idea for all of Maine, especially FranklinCounty
  • robert w thompson
    robert w thompson I’m in the tourism business, own an Inn in west central maine and this does not bode well for our state. I spoke against the windmills in Bingham to no avail and pray this effort against the new line will fair better. The Maine landscape must not be destroyed and scarred for the sake of big business and that is all this is about. Canada has already destroyed much of their own country by altering habitat, caribou migration and other casualties with construction of countless hydros. They clearly have no interest in the welfare of our planet. So sick and tired of southern Maine dictating what we do in the greater portion of the State.
  • Dianne Wilson
  • Bruce Taylor
    Exploiting Maine so other states and international investors profit at our expense.