Just the Facts about Central Maine Power's NECEC Corridor- Stop the Corridor

FACT: Central Maine Power (CMP) will create a corridor through pristine Maine forest that’s as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike, crossing  the Kennebec River Gorge, the Appalachian Trail, 263 wetlands, 115 streams, 12 inland waterfowl and wading bird habitat areas - as well as brook trout streams and deer wintering yards.

FACT: Central Maine Power’s project includes much less assistance for Maine than similar proposals in New Hampshire and Vermont, which include hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development assistance and environmental mitigation.

FACT: CMP will use proceeds from the NECEC corridor to fund assistance for low-income residents -- of MASSACHUSETTS. No similar program for Maine residents has been proposed.

FACT: CMP has a troubled history. They are currently under investigation for overbilling thousands of Maine customers, as well as for their dismal response to a massive power outage last winter that left hundreds of thousands of Mainers without power. The company's CEO publicly apologized for their mistakes in a television ad campaign currently running on Maine television.

FACT: CMP is currently being sued for fraud. According to the suit, CMP purposefully deceived customers about the reasons for massive spikes in their electric bills.