The New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) is Central Maine Power's proposed 145-mile long corridor of thousands of high-voltage megatowers cut through the Maine woods. CMP's corridor would be as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike, and the towers each as large as the Eastland Hotel in Portland. This corridor would be cut through pristine Maine wilderness in order to bring electricity from Canada to Massachusetts, with no stops in between.


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  • Under fire from all sides, CMP losing the power of its word

    Never before in Central Maine Power’s 119-year history has the company been under assault from more directions. CMP is facing a storm of attacks for how it treats and bills its customers and whether it’s telling the truth about problems at the utility.

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    CMP will give $50 million to help low-income customers in Massachusetts

    Press Herald - Central Maine Power has agreed to give $50 million to energy-assistance programs that will benefit low-income electric customers – in Massachusetts.

    CMP will provide $50 million over 40 years to several programs and initiatives in Massachusetts, as a condition of winning the bid to build a high-voltage transmission line from Quebec through Maine that will carry hydroelectricity to the Commonwealth.

    The disclosure comes as CMP is under multiple investigations and lawsuits over allegations it overcharged Maine ratepayers.

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    CMP project won’t benefit Maine

    Press Herald - In his July 1 letter to the editor, “Mainers will benefit from CMP line project,” Robert Harradon, a former employee of Central Maine Power, paints a rosy picture of the proposed CMP power line project known as New England Clean Energy Connect. In reality, nothing about the CMP project has anything to do with providing benefits to Maine.

    The only reason it exists in the first place is because it’s a lucrative investment for two huge foreign utilities — Hydro-Quebec and Avangrid, CMP’s corporate parent. This project is all about serving Massachusetts politics. Based on a carved-out contract from Massachusetts, Hydro-Quebec touts that the transmission line and electricity sale is worth $10 billion to them. Wall Street analysts estimate CMP-Avangrid will earn around $60 million per year.

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